Implant Treatment

Implant They are the tedavisinde that are used for treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. Then, dental prostheses are placed on these screws. The implant treatment has an advantage against other treatments since it does not cause any damage to the neighboring teeth. So, it is not necessary to cut the neighboring teeth

Teeth Whitening

The greatest factors for yellowing of our teeth are, of course, tea and coffee consumed too much by us. Smoking can also significantly harm your health and teeth. In addition, red wine and darkly colored foods cause significant staining of our teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Dentistry applications are well developed today. Applications in aesthetic dentistry are performed by the combinations of several dentistry branches. The main purpose is to make smile of the person more beautiful and better or to solve other teeth problems.

Orthodontics Treatment

Orthodontics is the specialty of the dentistry branch that diagnoses and controls the harmony relations of crooked teeth, tries to prevent this situation and treats crooked teeth.

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We provide service in our center by taking all sterilization measures.

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Ankara Dentalp Oral and Dental Health Clinic was founded by Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Alper Taşkaldıran. Our clinic is located in Atayurt İş Merkezi in the center of Ankara, at the intersection of Atatürk Bulvarı, Tunus Caddesi and Akay Kavşağı.

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Alper Taşkaldıran is a really good dentist, he immediately dealt with my problem, thanks for his treatment ...

Abdullah Çevik

He performed implant treatment for me, I was very pleased with it and I recommend him to everyone.

Buket Taşdemir

Mr. Alper Taşkaldıran is very good at his job. I did not have any pain during the treatment process. I have had the implant for about 2 years with no problems. Thank you.

Seda Şahbaz

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