It is very important for a person to have good health for a high quality of life. Our dental health, which is important for our personal health, may deform in time due to the conditions or circumstances encountered by us or due to our lifestyle, and we may experience many health problems caused by our poor dental health. 

In today's fast-paced world, it can be observed that many people have stress-related teeth grinding and clenching problem due to extremely stressful living conditions. Although it is not a problem in the first stage, especially the teeth clenching problem can cause teeth breaking, deterioration of jaw structure, jaw pain and headaches in the future. 

There are more than one treatment options for teeth clenching problem. Teeth clenching problem can be treated by a botox procedure applied to the masseter muscle, but it is not a long-term treatment method since botox has a short- term effect. The main treatment that results in very effective and satisfactory results in teeth clenching is the night plaque treatment.

Night plaque is a transparent mouth plaque that is custom-made according to the tooth size of the person. People who have teeth clenching problems fit this plaque on their teeth before going to bed. This custom-made transparent plaque fits comfortably on the teeth and does not disturb the people using it, and prevents them from clenching and deforming their teeth during the night and thus starting the day with headache and jaw pain. How the night plate, which is quite comfortable, is used is important. It should never be used for 24 hours a day and one must definitely stop using it for approximately 1 week in a month. 

In dental plaque treatment, which is an effective teeth clenching treatment, first of all, a general dental examination is carried out, then the size of the teeth is determined and the plaque is prepared according to the patient’s mouth structure and the patient is asked to use this plaque regularly. And that’s the entire process.