The dentist and the patient have to be cooperative in all dental treatments from the most extensive to the smallest intervention. If the patient is under a lot of strain and stress during the treatments or is not able to listen to the dentist due to various diseases or is a highly energetic child, this may jeopardize the dental treatment being carried out at that moment, no matter how safe the treatment protocols are.

Dental treatments carried out under general anesthesia provide many advantages to both the patient and the dentist, especially in the above mentioned cases. Patient does not feel any pain since maximum anesthesia is provided with minimum dosage. In addition, if the patient has any extreme anxiety disorder such as dentophobia, anxiety or similar psychological diseases, the entire treatment process can be completed without triggering these diseases by keeping the patient completely unconscious by applying general anesthesia. 

General anesthesia can be applied depending on the age range of the patient to be treated regardless of health problems. For example, this method is also a good option for the dental treatment of young kids, who have difficulty in sitting still during treatment or who are not adequately aware of the circumstances. 

There are also dental treatments that require surgical operation in addition to the social, psychological and physiological conditions mentioned above. General anesthesia is applied in cases, where local anesthesia will be insufficient in the treatments that are included in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery requiring extensive intervention.

The procedures performed under general anesthesia last for 1.5 to 3 hours. All necessary procedures should be performed in a full-fledged health complex with suitable equipment. This is the sine qua non for the best performance of this operation. Apart from these, the patient has to stay in the clinic for a few hours after the operation and the anesthesiologist has to observe the patient. Dental treatments performed by applying general anesthesia are safe and comfortable procedures, and they consist of a set of procedures requiring expertise and experience.