Teeth whitening, which is also called as bleaching in literature, is a highly comfortable and reliable process performed to remove discoloration of enamel that occurs due to environmental factors, nutritional habits, consumed carbonated and caffeinated beverages, smoking and consumption of alcohol, or lack of regular and effective oral care.

Contrary to the common misconception, teeth whitening does not cause any harm to teeth if it is performed professionally by a qualified dentist. Teeth whitening process contains many options in itself. These are teeth whitening with light following application of a special whitening gel, laser whitening or whitening at home applied by a person under the guidance of a dentist.

The following steps are taken for whitening using a special light: first, a general dental examination of the patient is made. Then, soft tissues are isolated, whitening gel containing components that are activated by light is applied to the teeth and finally light is applied to the teeth. This process, which is carried out in sessions, is repeated depending on the level of whiteness needed by the person.

Laser whitening is perhaps one of the most frequently applied processes due to its rapid results and rapid application. Laser whitening, which is especially required by the people with a busy schedule and unfortunately with limited time for their care, is a process that can be completed in a lunch break. In this application, soft tissues are isolated and laser is applied to the teeth and lightening of the color of teeth is obtained in a short time.

Another whitening method applied by the patient at home under the control of the dentist is as follows. First of all, the patient's teeth sizes are measured and a special transparent plaque is prepared according to the patient's teeth sizes. The patient is required to put the special bleaching compound into this plaque before bedtime and wear this transparent plaque all night long. Thus, the whitening process continues all night long.

Although each method has its own advantages, the most appropriate whitening method for you should be decided by your dentist after general dental examination.