Undoubtedly, a beautiful smile is the dream of many people today. A person may not always be lucky enough to be born with a beautiful, impressive white smile that is considered to complement beauty/handsomeness. Tooth loss, dental distortions, stains on tooth enamel that occur depending on environmental factors and many other factors can prevent you from having a beautiful smile. 

Smile design, which is an indispensable part of aesthetic dentistry, comes into play at this point. Smile design is a set of procedures determined in line with the needs of the person and its purpose is to give the person beautiful, white and attractive smile with the harmony of lips, teeth and jaws.

Many procedures such as implant treatment, gum treatments that we call pink aesthetics and teeth whitening can be performed within the scope of smile design. It is not possible to talk about a standard smile design protocol since the number and details of the procedures are determined in line with the needs of the patient. However, it should be known that missing teeth can be replaced, teeth stains can be eliminated, teeth can be whitened, and even a new appearance of gum structure that is conforming with the mouth can be achieved by intervening gum, if necessary. 

It is important to determine the expectations and needs of the patient completely and accurately before planning the smile design. Therefore, smile design procedure must be performed by a specialist dentist who has experience in this field. All treatments to be performed within the scope of smile design are safe and comfortable applications. Although the duration of the treatment for smile design, where the treatment protocol is applied with personal planning, may vary depending on all the procedures to be performed for the person, it is possible to say that almost all procedures are completed in a short time, using the methods that are developing day by day. 

You can always consult our clinic for detailed information and appointments about smile design and address your questions. 

Do not forget to take a step today for healthy and beautiful smiles!