All-ceramic dental coatings, which have an important place in aesthetic dentistry treatments, are commonly used for dental health problems such as dental cracks, caries, interdental spaces and fractures. They do not contain metal and thus give results close to natural appearance due to their high light transmittance and they are functional since they attach to tooth both mechanically and chemically.

All-ceramic dental coatings can be used for many reasons. Fractures in the root canal-treated front teeth, abrasion and discoloration of the teeth, fractures occurring especially in the front teeth, dental deformations experienced after trauma are the most commonly observed situations.

All-ceramic coatings allow you to perform chewing function comfortably and effectively, and also improve the appearance of the teeth, thus you can express yourself better by feeling good not only physically but also mentally and improve the quality of your life after the procedure. 

How are all-ceramic dental coatings applied?

First of all, a general dental examination of the patient is performed and then the teeth are x-rayed. If the person has decayed teeth, these decays are cleaned before the all-ceramic dental coating procedure. Subsequently, the teeth are prepared for all-ceramic dental coating by filling the teeth.
 All-ceramic dental coatings are custom-made since the coatings made must be fully compatible with the mouth in order to make sure that it is a good procedure.
 For this reason, after the filling process, the teeth sizes are determined and custom-made coatings are prepared. At this stage, usually temporary crowns can be used. After the patient's experience with use, the problems are identified, if any, and the necessary arrangements are made in the actual coatings, and then the coatings are applied to the tooth or teeth. 

All-ceramic dental coating treatment, which offers a long-lasting solution, is a comfortable and reliable treatment. After the application, the person can easily maintain his/her social life.