Speaking of dental treatments, one of the first things that come to mind is dental implant treatment, which is applied to many patients who have lost their teeth due to various reasons effectively and with high patient satisfaction. 

Dental implant treatment is basically a treatment that is applied for replacement of missing teeth by using titanium metal screws. These screws are fixed to the jaw in the places of missing teeth and serve as roots. Then, dental prostheses are placed on these screws. The procedure performed is completely reliable and it does not cause any damage to the neighboring teeth.

Implant treatments are the applications with a lower age limit. It can be applied to the patients over the age of 18, since the jaw structure development of the patient must be complete in order to apply the treatment. Many different dental prostheses can be used in implant treatments. The final decision about the type of dental prosthesis to be used is determined in the planning stage before the application. 

In the past, implant treatments were the treatments that take a lot of time, which could even disconnect the patient from social life for a long time. However, nowadays, implant treatments have become applications that take a very short time as a result of many developments in dentistry. 

Tooth loss that causes a need for implant treatment may occur due to many reasons. For example, tooth loss may occur due to traumas such as accident and various diseases, and irregular eating habits or failure to perform daily oral care can also be indicated among the causes of teeth loss. Regardless of the cause of teeth loss, implant treatments can be applied in any case. 

Today, implant treatment is a common treatment and thus there are many implants from different countries. Although the brand of the implant to be used is decided by the dentist, all implant brands can be used for 20-25 years with good oral care. 

How is implant treatment performed?

Implant treatments are applications planned in line with the needs of the patent. If the implant treatment is suitable for the patient, treatment starts directly; but if the jaw structure of the patient is not suitable for this treatment, this problem is solved first. Then, implant treatment will be applied. Before starting implant treatment, the dentist must be informed about the medicines taken by the patient. If deemed necessary, taking these medicines (blood thinners, etc.) may be stopped under the supervision of the doctor during implant treatment. However, it is important that especially the patients with type 2 diabetes must keep their diabetes under control before implant treatment.
 This is important since wounds of diabetic patients take longer to heal as compared to wounds of other patients. It is important to have diabetes of the patients under control in order to be able to get through the implant treatment process comfortably. 

After getting through all these processes healthfully, the first step of the implant treatment is to perform a comprehensive dental examination of the person and then the suitability of the person for the implant is checked through x-rays. The total duration of implant treatments performed by fixing titanium screws to the jaw in the places of missing teeth and placing prosthesis on it may vary according to the needs of the patient.