Resin fillings, also known as composite fillings, in which many chemicals and ceramics are used, play an important role in the performance of chewing function comfortably by the patient. Composite filling able to match the color of the patient’s teeth results in procedures with high patient satisfaction and pleasing outcomes. 

As in all filling procedures, the dental health of the person to be treated is very important in composite fillings. If there is any decay in the tooth to be filled, that decay is cleaned up before the composite filling and the tooth is prepared for composite filling. Local anesthetics can be used during removal of decay, if necessary, thus the process proceeds very comfortably for the patient. Filling material is applied to the tooth to restore the function, integrity and morphology of the missing tooth structure. Although it is a comfortable and reliable process, cold and hot tooth sensitivity may be experienced for a while after composite filling. This is completely natural. This sensitivity will pass in a few days without the need for any additional intervention.

It is not possible to talk about a standard cost or a standard application time for composite filling treatments, which are reliable, comfortable and effective. This is because the procedures that have to be performed vary from one person to another. It may be necessary to intervene in dental diseases such as decay, etc. as mentioned above. Apart from this, if only composite filling is to take place and there will be no additional procedure, it is important to determine the tooth to be treated at this point. All teeth cannot be intervened in the same time.

It is much healthier to determine the final price and the treatment details of composite fillings after a general dental examination.

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